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Company Name Generator is a free character name generator which uses Latin word dictionary and checks if the .com domain is free. You can use this latin words generator for naming your new company or project.

You can also choose how many vowels you want in the name. Fewer vowels mean easier to remember and pronounce. All words are from Latin dictionary so every word has its meaning.

When I was searching a name for my new company, I went through a week of brainstorming. Finally, I chose the name Ornicus from the Latin dictionary. After that, I created this simple tool to find more cool names which have free .com domain. I hope that this free Company Name Generator will help you to find the best name for your company or project.

How it works:
List of Latin words is checked if word's .com domain is free. If so, it shows you the Latin word with free .com domain with a number of vowels you've chosen in drop-down menu.

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