How it works

The script shows 7 random Latin words from a list of 76,900. You can use it for inspiration. Your imagination is the limit.

This is a Project Name Generator. If you are struggling to find the best name for your new project, strategy, activity, business, enterprise, proposal, or just anything this free online tool can make it easier for you.

Click the button “Generate”, and the script will show you proposed names for your new project. Some of them will have a free .com domain which you can register if you want to. Some of the are just for your inspiration. (?) symbol takes you to Google Translate to find the meaning of the word.

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Possible Names for Your Project:

Project Inventasque (?)

Project Diffugeretque (?) is free

Project Credentumque (?) is free

Project Figitisque (?)

Project Convelliebat (?) is free

Project Ita (?)

Project Curvo (?)

Thanks if you find this useful :-)